Welcome to our "Make Earth Science Accessible" program

In the Newton Horace Winchell School of Earth Sciences, we teach and conduct research on a range of geoscience-related topics, and our MESA program makes some of the educational and research material accessible to the public through a series of exhibits in and around John T. Tate Hall on the east bank of the UMN Twin Cities campus.

MESA Group Photo

In the front row from the left are Natalie Raia (grad student), Sharon Kressler (admin officer), Lindsey Kenyon (grad student), Jen Caseres (grad student), and in the back row from the left are Kent Kirkby (prof.), Shanti Penprase (grad student), Joshua Kuether (grad student), Peter Kang (prof.), Jennifer Taylor (grad student), Ikuko Wada (prof.), Fernando Medina (grad student). Not in the photo are Scott Alexander (researcher) and Jacob Zahn and Aubrey Dunshee (grad students).


Earth Science Displays in Tate - Behind the Scenes

Since the department moved to Tate Hall, the displays in the building have been evolving through various efforts by the department’s display committee (in the photo below). The committee’s mission is to promote the Earth Sciences by making research and teaching material accessible to the public through developing displays that convey unique stories about Minnesota, Earth, and beyond.  These displays range from the relocation the old rock garden from Pillsbury Hall, to giving an overview of the geologic history of Minnesota, to showing the wide range of colors that minerals and rocks can have. Many of the projects by the committee are considered work-in-progress as the committee hopes to update and modify the displays to reflect the research, teaching, and outreach activities in the department that are continuously evolving.  Links to the specific project pages can be found below:

History of the Newton Horace Winchell School of Earth Sciences

Relief Map of North America

Earth History Corridor

Rock Garden

TBD - Display beneath the staircase on the basement level

TBD - Meteorites Display

Themed Mineral Display

Moving the Rocks from Pillsbury Rock Garden


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