Welcome to our "Make Earth Science Accessible" program

In the Newton Horace Winchell School of Earth Sciences, we teach and conduct research on a range of geoscience-related topics, and our MESA program makes some of the educational and research material accessible to the public through a series of exhibits in and around John T. Tate Hall on the east bank of the UMN Twin Cities campus.


Mock-up of the relief map to be displayed on the main floor

Grad students, Lindsey Kenyon and Jen Taylor, assembling the mock-up relief map of North America to be displayed on the main floor of Tate Hall (August 30, 2018). For updates on this project, visit the Reief Map of North America Initiative page.

Making of the Relief Map


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Contact Information

For "Tate Display", contact Ikuko Wada (Email: iwada@umn.edu; Tel: 612.301.9535)
For "Visiting K-12", contact Christine Newville (Email: newvi017@umn.edu)
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